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Sakic speaks about his plans and hints at nothing

Via Sportsnet, here are some quotes from Joe Sakic's interview this morning with Denver's FM Sports Radio 104.3 The Fan:
"It's been a very, very difficult decision to make. I'm hoping to have something here in the next couple of weeks, make my final decision and go forward with it." Sakic said, "I will say I don't want this to linger too much longer. I should make my final decision pretty soon. Whatever that is, I want to make sure it's 100 percent sure."
"When I talked to Francois in June, we both understood that the team was going to go forward, regardless of what my decision was going to be, and that enabled me to take as much time as I could," Sakic said. "Right now, I know training camp's approaching rapidly. Summer's gone by pretty fast. I'm going to make my decision here pretty shortly."
"It's just how I feel," he said. "At the end of the year, to be honest with you, I didn't know if I was going to come back. I needed that time to really think about my future. It was a tougher decision than I thought it was going to be at the end of the year. It's all about whether I feel I'm ready to go another year. That's the biggest thing for me: Am I prepared to do what it takes to be successful for another year. I know how much time you have to put in off the ice because playing hockey is the easy part."
"Know what, it wouldn't be fair if you just showed up to the rink and say, 'OK, I'm ready to play," and not put in the time off the ice. It wouldn't be fair for yourself, it wouldn't be fair for the organization, it wouldn't be fair for anybody if you're not ready to do the things you need to do to be the best that you can be." Sakic told the radio dudes that if he comes back he wants to be the go-to guy. The #1center.
"I have to be honest with my body and myself and know that if I come back, I want to come back and help the team, and help the team be successful," he said. "If I can't be that player, then I don't think it would be fair to the team or myself to play."
Yadda yadda yadda. It's all the same babble from a veteran star player that just can't seem to find it within himself to make an absolute decision about his playing future. We've heard it all from Scott Niedermayer, Teemu Selanne, Mats Sundin and now Sakic. It's getting old.
No one seems to be heeding Steve Yzerman's advice from a couple of weeks ago.
Hey Joe, if you want a #1 center job, you could always come to Vancouver! (Not happening....wish it would.)

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