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The great Swedish tease

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So what's up on the agenda for this week's Sundin-watch?

Toronto appears to be moving on, Montreal sort of cares (but not really) and Sundin doesn't want to be Farve-like (which he can't be unless he retires, then unretires and wanders into the Maples Leafs training camp only to be asked to leave and likely traded to New York or Florida).

But Vancouver is still very much loving this man (even though Sean finally changed his header back). Nancy Henderson over at has a well-written piece urging him to go West and Alanah has the religion angle covered.

Since I was never a fan of this move to begin with, I guess it's not a shock that I've grown weary of waiting too. But hey Mats can take all the time in the world with his decision, but it certainly doesn't mean that Gillis has to.

I'll ignore the somewhat embarrassing/desperate nature of the obscene offer that would pay Sundin more then the Crosbys and Zetterbergs of the planet; in fact I think Gillis deserves some credit for grabbing the "go big or go home" bull by the horns. But it's been several weeks now; the first preseason game is 44 days away. Tack on the training camp and we're getting down the low 30's in the number of days before this team has to go out there and play. You went big Mike, but it's time to go home.

This team still could still use one (or two?) legitimate first line players to compliment the Sedins, Bernier, Demitra, Pyatt or whatever the top two lines will end up looking like. Based on where you land in the hockey spectrum, you either think Gillis has done well in reshaping this team or you think the Canucks are the new Coyotes of the league; wherever your land, you probably don't think Gillis is or should be done.

I personally land somewhere in the middle, but I do subscribe to what the Gazette link says above: getting Sundin doesn't really mean much. For Montreal it's another weapon, for Toronto's it's their old warrior returning for a final bout and for Vancouver it's basically handing him the keys to the franchise. But at this point that $10 million could be used a bit more wisely while still making this team the darkhorse of the division its shaping up to be.

Jesus, even the Google (quote on top) is telling us it ain't happening. Let's move on shall we?