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NHL bits: Sakic to speak Thurday, Filatov, Celine Dion a Canuck, No-repeat Wings

Slow news day, but here are a few more links and laughs to check out.

Terry Frei is reporting at the Denver Post that Joe Sakic will address the media this coming Thursday and will take on any questions. But don't get your hopes up. He will probably be talking more about his charity golf tournament than whether or not he has decided to play this coming season.

Blue Jackets' GM Howson to Nikita Filatov: "Stop playing exhibition games in Russia."He doesn't want his rookie star to get hurt.

Oh sweet lord in heck...check out this photo.....

Ahem...**choke** Check out Sex, Sports and Rock n'Roll for some form of explanation of this, en francais.

I am not glorifying the Red Wings as potential repeat Cup champs again this year. The Ottawa Citizen's James Gordon provides one example of why this is, and I agree. Something to do with a hangover.

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