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My 10 least favorite Canucks since 1994

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This list is not pretty and I'm sure most of you will disagree with a lot of my picks. But I'm just being honest here.
It's no secret that I was mostly a Leafs fan from about 1977 until 2006. But I still watched any Canucks game that I could and was somewhat of a fan. Even if it was just watching the late night highlights with John McKeachie on a school night while my parents were in bed (we never had cable).
So the following is a pull-no-punches list.

10. Kirk McLean. Oh, he was great in 94. He was great in 93. But I still cringe when I watch highlights (mostly) of the mid-90's (when the team really stunk) when players exposed his useless, out-of-date stand up style. But hey..he was great in '94.

9. Fedor Fedorov. Oh yeah! We got ourselves Sergei's brother! Oh shit he's gonna score a shitload of....oh wait a minute....Fedor's a fraud.

8. Jan Bulis. I've bashed this guy plenty in the past. I'll say no more.

7. Dana Murzyn. Mean and nasty when he clobbered guys. But he was just a big oaf otherwise. Just didn't like him and I thought he spent too many years in Van.

6. Jan Hlavac. Gutless....oh...and gutless. Sorry Jan.

5. Ed Jovanovski. Strange, I liked him better when he started out in Florida. Maybe that's because I didn't see him play a lot. For some of his brilliant moments he sure had plenty of brain farts. Another defensive liability. C'mon admit it, how many times did you curse Jovo at the game or watching him on TV? You can't count them curses can you?

4. Bryan McCabe. Only spent 2 season in Vancouver. And that was two-too-many for this defensively-handicapped dude.

3. Jyrki Lumme I'm picking on the D-men a lot. Jyrki could run a power play really well. But he was a buffoon when he screwed up. Got caught up the ice too much. Plus I didn't like the way he looked. Kind of a cross between a Fin and a gecko.

2. Markus Naslund. Oh sure, I liked his skills. He's on top of the Canucks' All-time scoring list. But that doesn't really appeal to me all that much. How does 1 game winning goal in 45 playoff games with the Canucks sound? Like the sound of a flushing toilet. Same noise applies to his 4 goals and 5 points in 12 playoff games 2 seasons ago. Yeah, way to step it up Captain! And then he bails out of town to join the Rangers to have a chance to win a Cup? Hey man, we could have gone further in the playoffs had you, for one, stepped it up!
Not going to miss him one bit. Glad we're moving on from him.
One point that I admired him? When he told the crowd that the team "screwed up" after the last game of the season a few years back when the Canucks missed first spot in the Northwest. That was ballsy.

1. Todd Bertuzzi. Unpredictable. Cranky. Took penalties at inappropriate times. Pouty. Sure liked him when he drove hard to the net in his prime though. But that was one short-lived prime. Not very Optimus-like. Remember his post-game interviews? The guy had the personality of a turd sandwich.

So there you have it. Two-thirds of the West Coast Express make my top 2 worst. Oh yeah, those guys were marketable and had regular season success, but can you imagine if they had the heart and class of a Trevor Linden?

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