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Meet your Canucks Blogger: Sean Zandberg

Coincidentally, Sean Zandberg started Waiting For Stanley almost at the same time I started the Yankee Canuck back in the summer of 2006. While our sites are similar (by which I mean we both liberally curse and rant) Sean runs the only site I know of where you can read all about Vancouver AND play video games. Seriously, his sidebars need their own blogs; between RSS feeds and ever-changing site headers, he's got a lot of stuff to check out. Regrettably he also has his eyes on the Leafs but we can forgive him for that (for now anyway). Sean is also the man behind the History of NHL Trades and has popped up on the Crazy Canucks podcast several times in the past two seasons.

Here's Sean's take on all things Vancouver:

Q1. Vigneault - thumbs up, thumbs down or a strong kick in the ass?
Sean: I am in full support of Vigneault’s defensive system. The Canucks have been stronger defensively under his regime than under any other coach’s that I can think of. Remember how lousy they were under Crawford, Quinn, Renney, etc? I got tired of them running around in their own zone and giving up odd-man rushes year after year before AV came in. They used to act like the modern-day Leafs!

So yeah, thumbs up!

Q2. Naslund - We'll miss him badly or he can break a leg on Broadway?
Sean: As a player, I hope he breaks his leg, because I mostly don’t like his timid style. But as a person, he’d be a chillin’ guy to hang out with I bet. Just need to get him drunk and beat him up! You know, toughen him up a little.

Q3. Gillis - Better then Nonis or worse then a meth addict?
Sean: I can’t answer this until September. I really liked what shape Nonis left the team in, yet I really like Gillis’ aggressive style. I have blind faith with Gillis so far. I trust that he is going to get the guys we need, Sundin or no Sundin.

Q4. The new captain - Mitchell, Kesler, Ohlund, Fin or a stick with a mini jersey?
Sean: Fin needs a spear chucked at him. I’ll take Mitchell. He personifies on the ice anyway what a captain should be. He’s vocal, calm, cool, and reliable. Plus he’s from BC. Ohlund is a distant 2nd due to length of service.

Q5. Your preferred first line on opening night
Sean: Sundin-Wellwood-Demitra. The Sedins should be the 2nd line guys in the shadows so players stop picking on them. They obviously can’t handle that kind of pressure.

Q6. The '08-'09 record - Out of the NW basement or "With the first round pick, the Vancouver Canucks select from the Oshawa Generals John Tavares"
Sean: I say a 2nd or 3rd place finish in the Division and a playoff spot.

Q7. Least favorite team to watch play against Vancouver and why:
Sean: I’d say Columbus. I just don’t care about the Jackets or any of their players and lose interest in those games.

Q8. The absolute best part of next season could be:
Sean: Sundin in a Nucks jersey, Bernier becomes the next Anson Carter, a really fitting Bourdon tribute, and the Canucks go deep into the playoffs.

Q9. The absolute worst part about next season could be:
Sean: Sundin signs with any other team or retires, Bernier poops the bed, our defence gets depleted again, and we miss the playoffs by 4 points.

Q10. Best TV or movie quote you can think of to describe this offseason so far?
Sean: Kiefer Sutherland in Flatliners: "Today is a good day to die" or Harrison Ford in The Empire Strikes Back: "This baby’s got a few surprises left in her, sweetheart."

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