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Ladislav Nagy to Russia? Update: Confirmed

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It's possible. Remember that reporter though? He's the one that started the Sundin-to-Vancouver shit storm weeks back.
As long as Nagy doesn't get signed by Vancouver I don't care where he ends up. The guy is softer than Salo!


From Kukla's:
Left wing Ladislav Nagy views his decision to sign a $5.6 million, two-year deal to play in the Russian Super League as a temporary stop and not a long-term plan.

"Nagy fully intends to come back to the NHL if he can find a situation where he will be given the minutes in order to produce at the elite level he is capable of," said his agent, Matt Keator....

"The level of talent in Russia is improving every year with top NHL players heading over there," Keator said. "It has become a viable option for players to play at a high level and be very well compensated. As this league grows and matures, it will pose more and more competition to the NHL for players."

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