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Jarret Stoll and Rachel Hunter to wed next spring/summer

Kiwi supermodel Rachel Hunter is all set to tie the knot with her lover Jarret Stoll - ten years after dumping ex-husband rocker Rod Stewart. Hunter, 38, revealed her plans to tie the knot with Stoll, 26, a professional ice hockey player, on August 12, as she showed off a huge diamond ring in her native New Zealand.

The wedding is set to take place next spring or summer. The couple had met two years ago through Hunter's son Liam, 13, a talented ice hockey player coached by Stoll. "He's my first true love since Rod, and the age difference isn't an issue," the Sun quoted her as saying.
Why would the age difference be an issue when she looks like this? Don't let me give you the impression that there is no more substance to the relationship than just looks.
But let me ask: Does this news play any role into Stoll's trade to Los Angeles this summer? Just asking.

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