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Happy "kill the blog" birthday!

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So the past few days have been interesting around these parts. I spent a month making a new site (from every CSS angle I could find down to dumb little elements that only I would notice) only to kill it in six months thanks to the fun-filled world of site management, juggling multiples instances of Wordpress and multiple databases too boot. Like watching a one goal lead in the third period of a Vancouver game, something had to give and it was negative.

On the plus side we're back but I still have a lot to rebuild. I'll focus more on that for a few days, but wanted to give you all - the faithful readers, commentators, those who mail nail bombs et all - a big hearty thank you as we enter the third year of this ol' blog.

Some of you guys and gals run your own blogs, some of you read and comment as much as you can, others chime in every now and then and some just come for fun (or, again, the bombs). Whatever the case and however you came, we like you unconditionally (though reserve the right to disagree with you and mock your family).

Here's a glove tap to the upcoming season. And for the Canuck-faithful out there...I trust you stocked the liquor cabinet right?