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Giving up on Mats? Not a chance!

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It's an honor to be recognized by the New York Times for a second time, as they got a kick out of my Waiting For Sundin header and now noticed that I have removed it. But I have to clarify something about what was said in today's NYT article. I have not "surrendered to inevitability." I don't think Sundin isn't coming to Vancouver. I have not thrown in the white towel of power on the notion that it is still a possibility.
I am just tired of "waiting." Sundin's decision is going to come like a thief in the night. I played along with JP Barry's statements about "soon" and "August 1st" and "soft deadline". But I am not fully playing along anymore.
If anything, the novelty has worn off some. Don't get me wrong, I still check the Swedish papers at 11:00 pm every night looking for a glimmer of hope. But all I see there is Olympics, soccer, golf, bingo, NHL castaways, and nude beaches. I'm growing weary of it, yet I feel it is my obligation to you to break the story the moment it happens. I WANT to be that guy. I love this stuff.
At the same time, when rich athletes ponder retirement, hide out, take their sweet time, and say nothing it gets a little annoying after a while, whether they've "earned" it or not.
I have read about plenty of people who are sick of the whole saga and are tired of reading about it. Well that doesn't stop me. For all of the people saying they are sick of it all, this site still gets a dungload of visitors who type "Mats Sundin Vancouver Canucks" into the Google search bar and are referred to here.
Plenty of people are still clinging to a hope. So am I. For better or for worse.
And until Mats makes up his mind, I will continue posting rumors, opinions, stories, Photoshops or whispers about him, whether I'm sick of it or not.
Take it or leave it.

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