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Giving back to the back-up

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Have you ever watched a game and seen a goalie mask and remarked loudly "That's one of the most offensively heinous visuals I have ever seen." Well, thanks to the power of the tubes and the good people over at, you can do just that and give Curtis Sanford a reason to get up in the morning.

So go here to help design Sanford's goalie mask this season. You can print it out some materials and go old school (I so hope someone sends one in with macaroni elbows and glitter) or go all in with your photoshop skills. Overall this is one of the more cool, interactive features I have seen out there for the NHL much less the Canucks.

Naturally there are some rules. Seems pretty straight forward: Sanford picks the winner and the guy or gal who designed it gets some PR love. As I suspect you'd guess, they own your stuff once it goes in: "all Entrants agree to waive any and all copyright interest, and any moral rights, of any nature or kind they may have in their comments, Entries, and participation."

What makes this sad is that you know some people are going to go all Pensblog with the photoshop hilarity on their designs and it'll likely never see the light of day. That's why I'd like to open the official "Rejected Sanford Masks" post (golf clap!)

Rules are simple enough: if you design a mask that you want to spread the love on or know what you designed probably won't win, feel free to share it here (or email in). We'll post any and all we get, unedited, with the information you provide. Let's help get Sanford a few different designs shall we? If we can have three jerseys, then the back-up netminder should have no shortage of 15 masks.

Mats Sundin as Satan? Kyle Wellwood's numerous hernias proudly on display on Sanford's head? Or what about Curtis Sanford feasting from a goblet of blood like so many common van murals you've seen on the highway?

Your imagination is your only blockade folks. If you need some inspiration, check out Marlene Ross or just sit back and relive the vibrant Corey Hirsch days (best goalie mask ever).