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Forsberg scores hat trick in Icebreakers game

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As Mats Sundin hides in the shadows in Sweden, the papers there have been focussing more on Peter Forsberg's foot rehabilitation.
So when Foppa scored a hat trick in the Icebreakers game yesterday(?) to lead his squad to an 11-4 win, the Swedish paper Aftonbladet jumped all over it (translated to rough English here.)
Apparently Forsberg looked in fine form, but that does not mean he is ready for the grind of the NHL yet.
Apparently, the Icebreakers game in Sweden is a charity event to raise money for scholarships to dysfunctional or handicapped kids. The Wiki description also states that most of the players on the Icebreakers teams once played for Modo. So, yes the Sedins were there as well as Markus Naslund.

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