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Former Canucks European scout expects Sundin to play

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Oh yeah, I'll throw a few more sticks in the Sundin fire. I have no shame.
According to The Fourth Period yesterday:

Mats Dahlberg, a Canuck European scout from 1985-94 now working for Swedish radio, told the Province he expects Sundin to play.
"His heart says Toronto," said Dahlberg. "If it's about the money, it's Vancouver. Montreal is too close to Toronto. I think it's Toronto or Vancouver, but he's going to play."
TFP mentioned that it's sources have said that Sundin will decide by the end of the month before training camp begins. We'll see about that, even though I agree with Dahlberg in principle. has an article up that roughly translates into Sundin saying on Swedish TV that he will not jump back into the NHL in the middle of next season. The link to the video there is not working...but you get the drift. A decision is coming soon.

Besides posting this as a Sundin news source/update from yet another person of importance, I do want to say once and for all that I hate it when reports say that "if it's about the money, Sundin will sign with Vancouver." How about: "If it's about the money AND playing for a winning team, Sundin will choose Vancouver." I mean, let's be honest, the Canucks and Leafs are in 2 different modes right now. Canucks could kick some butt and the Leafs are rebuilding.

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