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Devils put Vishnevski on waivers / Marcus Nilson can't leave Calgary

Looks like Lou Lamorielli is trying to shave some salary, to the tune of $1.4 million as the rough and tough Vishnevski was put on waivers today. Any takers? We'll see. He was a career-worst -12 with the Devils last season. He was benched by coach Sutter, and was basically the 7th defenceman.
He's not known for putting up a lot of points, but he can sure kill guys pretty well.


- Brett McLean feels the wrath of Vishnevski.

- Boyd Gordon turns around to play the puck and bango! Vitaly shows him how to lay down real quick-like.That was a suicide pass wasn't it?

- Vishnevski sends Tjarnqvist into the boards.

- Karma. Ovechkin runs over Vishnevski. What a collision! Vitaly can take that kind of hit though. He's tough.

Marcus Nilson wants to get away from the Calgary Flames and Mike Keenan, but he just can't get out of his contract. According to, a team from the KHL is interested in Nilson, but he has one more year (at $1 million) left with the Flames.
According to the article, Nilson wanted to have his contract bought out but the Flames are not willing to do so.
"They do not want to buy me out. It was a little pity. But they can do whatever they want."

This change in attitude from Nilson contradicts how he was talking about playing in Calgary and under Keenan early last season (November). By December, he was a healthy scratch about 6 times.
He finshed the season having only played 47 games, scoring 3 goals and 5 points. He also suffered a concussion injury, by the way.
The gritty winger was mostly reduced to checking-role duty. At one point he was complaining about not being allowed to play enough 5-on-5 and was being used as a penalty killer mostly.
I don't think this news has not even hit the North American papers yet, but I'm sure it will soon.


- Nilson drops the gloves with Marty "beyond all" Reasoner.

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