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Canucks Poems

Yesterday some CDC guy posted a Canucks acronym that wasn't all that impressive. While he got hacked for it, myself and a few others decided to throw in some of our own poetic entries.

Mine was (with minimal thought included):

There once was a guy named Nazzy
The Canuck fans thought he was snazzy
They gave him the "C"
His career took a pee
Yet Glen Sather still finds him jazzy.

But GreyOwl 2 put up a a pretty good one:

Sometime in the Near Future

The outlook was in question as Vancouver took the ice
And just about as certain as a rolling of the dice
But with Gilis moving forward, and AV doing the same
An optimistic hope had filled the patrons of the game

So when Bernier scored one early and Pyatt drained one too
The fans were all delighted that their team was up by two
And Shorty was enraptured, and Tom a giggling nerd
Whose head damn near exploded when Demitra roofed a third

And Luongo was unconscious as he blocked and dove and slid
Preventing every shot on goal like he was playing kids
And Mitchell hammered everyone who dared to test his reach
While Daniel, Hank and Sami ended up with three points each

And at the final buzzer, with the score at eight to none
Mike Gillis looked down fondly on the work that he had done
"The game was not too bad", he said, "a little fast and loose,
about what I expected from the Manitoba Moose."

I laughed, anyway.

Ah yes, this is what happens when hockey nuts have to endure the long off season.

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