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Advice from Yzerman: Unsure about playing? Play anyways!

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"If there's any doubt and guys aren't sure, I think they should be playing," Yzerman told The Canadian Press on Friday. "You can be retired for the rest of your life. You'll know when you're done.
If you're not 100 per cent certain that you don't want to play anymore, then the decision is that you should be playing."
This is Stevie Y's response when asked about players like Sundin and Sakic who remain undecided.
Joe Nieuwendyk was sought for advice by Scott Niedermayer when he was being indecisive.
"He really felt that he was at a point in his life where he really wanted time to do other things and felt like he was missing out a little bit," said Nieuwendyk. "I think once he took half a year off, he realized that those things will be there when hockey's over.
I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up playing again after this contract."
Right. So are you reading this, Mats? You're little wifey-poo will still be in Sweden waiting for you after your 2 year stint in Vancouver is up. Maybe you should get Salming to look after her while you are here. On second thought...doesn't Borje have an underwear clothing line? Maybe that's not such a good idea Mats. Let her stay with your mother.

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