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What Mats Sundin said on May 29th

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What Sundin said a couple months ago can be analyzed in a couple of ways.
"I think I have to make a decision pretty soon if I am going to play next year and get training," he said. "The biggest decision is if I feel I am physically and mentally ready."
OK, that has not really been done yet.
"For me to come back to Toronto, Toronto has got to show me they really want me to come back," Sundin said.
While Toronto may want him back, this statement was followed by this:
"I think it (who would become President and GM of the Leafs) will have an effect (on his decision to play in Toronto), knowing how we played the last three years, how we missed the playoffs. I would like to see that the team is making a real effort to improve."
Cliff Fletcher's idea of improving this season is cleaning house, and rightfully so. So you'd think Mats would opt out of this cleaning.

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