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Swedish Sundin poll has Mats returning to Leafs....BAH!!!

As reported by CBC, Swedish papre Aftonbladet has a poll up below any mats Sundin articles asking what the bald wonder is going to do. Over 32,000 votes have been cast.

Where believes you Mats Sundin plays this autumn?

Toronto (37.3%)
Montreal (5.7%)
New york Rangers (27.0%)
Other (10.5%)
Retires (19.5%)

It must be something in the food they eat or the water they drink. Do you see the Rangers clearing cap space to sign this guy? Nope. And why would Sundin go back to a rebuilding Leafs team besides out of honor. I'm sure he wants to win.
Funny how the Canucks aren't even on the list. Regardless, only 10% voted "other".

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