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Sundin-mania running wild in Vancouver

In these last days of waiting for Sundin, everybody is talking and speculating about what the bloody hell Sundin is going to do. The Vancouver Province is asking its readers what they would do for Mats if he signed here. Here are a few concepts fans came up with quoted by the Province:

- Gus Bradley will "take Mats and a friend (his, not mine) fishing for a day off West Vancouver's Pink Palace. I've got the boat, I'll buy the Kokanees and the gas. I'll even supply the rods and gear."

- Ah, practical: Rob Cronk "will design and print 1,000 hockey cards for him to give to all his fans, ladies on the road and staff at GM Place. On top of that, I have some two-year-old golf shirts -- unopened -- that I won. He can have those. I think they are XXL."

- Whoa, the pot has just been sweetened, indeed. Leysa is offering Mats "a full body massage" for every hat trick he scores.

- Chris Phillips of will offer Sundin GoSMILE teeth-whitening products to "keep his fake set of teeth pearly white."

Then there's the people who don't want Mats here:

-Murray offers "20 million meatballs, a cup of Tim Horton's finest, and (will) tell him to get lost."

-Erin, of Vancouver, offered Sundin "some leftovers from my fridge. Just like he's left over from the Leafs."

Wow, you people aren't very nice now, are ya?

This whole concept has caught the eye of the Swedish newspaper Sportbladet today. Use a translator, I won't do it for ya!

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