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Stop lying to us, JP Barry

What he said yesterday:
''He's still taking his time, and he hasn't given us an indication or not if he's going to keep playing or not. You know, when he was speaking in Sweden about August, unfortunately a lot of people picked up 1st of August. He meant August. He meant sometime in August he would definitely decide because he'll definitely be in training camp.''
What Barry said 2 days ago:
"Claes is going to meet Mats just to see where he is so, hopefully, we'll get a bit of an idea on his decision-making process," Barry said Tuesday. "Friday is like a soft deadline for him to decide. It's what Mats put up. He said he'll decide for sure because, if he's going to play, he has to focus on his training.

"There are a bunch of players in Stockholm who train really hard in August for a month before they go to their teams. That's why around Aug. 1 makes sense because that's when that [camp] starts up."
This guy is worse than a fucking lawyer! Either Barry is full of shit, or the media outlets are constantly mis-quoting him.
Bank on this saga drawing out longer, as Sundin knows that more teams will step up to the plate. Perhaps teams he'd rather play for........
Or...maybe the big center really can't make up his mind all that well.
To me, the longer it takes him to decide, the less I think that Vancouver is an option for him.

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