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Steve Bernier's work ethic

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Hate to drop this on you on a Monday morning, but yesterday the Calgary Herald had a positive/disturbing article on Steve Bernier. His agent, Gilles Lupien called him "insecure", while Sharks commentator Drew Remenda stated:
"He'll get the puck out for Henrik and Daniel and he'll get 20 to 25 goals," predicted former San Jose Sharks assistant coach and commentator Drew Remenda. "Can he get 30? I don't know. He's extremely coachable, has a great heart and you won't find a kid who cares more.
I think he'll play better at 215 and the one thing Vancouver is going to have to work on with Steve is work ethic."
So take that however you want to. Alain Vigneault will not tolerate half-assed play from Bernier. If his work ethic stinks, he'll get demoted.
But what is really bothering me right now is that for such a hyped player, why is Bernier already on his 3rd NHL team? He sure as hell didn't last long in Buffalo. I really hope this kid succeeds in Vancouver. He is going to get a chance to shine here.
Man, it's hard to find any positive news in Canuckland lately.

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