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Shanahan never had an offer from the Canucks / New Sundin rumor

From Sportsnet:
"I can tell you that I've never been approached or had any discussions with Vancouver regarding Brendan," said Rick Curran, who added that San Jose and Montreal are not in the mix either.

"We've only been having discussions with one team and that's the New York Rangers.
Apparently "some U.S. newspaper" had reported that Gillis made Shanny an offer. Not sure which one, but it's bogus nonetheless.
Even so, could you imagine Shanahan on the Sedin line? They could use a sniper like that. Maybe Anson Carter should be brought back from Europe...... The Canucks could be spending all year trying to find a fit for that line if Bernier, for example doesn't work out.

The latest rumors of Sundin will now have him possibly going to the Rangers, as the Anonymous Blogger guesses. That is a bullshit rumor to say the least, especially considering that Gomez, Drury and Naslund are eating up $20 million of the Rangers' salary right now and they have no more room. Do you see Sundin taking a major discount to sign there? Not me.
I can see the rangers re-signing Shanahan though with an incentive-laden contract.

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