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Screw Doug MacLean

"I'm hearing if it's not Toronto, he might retire. But good luck Mike, I hope you get him, you guys need him."
Don't read anything into what MacLean is saying. For one, who the hell are MacLean's sources and secondly, it makes no logical sense for Sundin to return to Toronto except on loyalty alone. But then his desire for a Cup is in question, like I said before, as the Leafs are rebuilding. Don't get me wrong...I do accept this concept as a possibility for Sundin.
However, it's no different than Eklund for MacLean to throw that kind of statement out there. It's unfounded. Sundin has not made any decision yet. He is UNSURE. MacLean doesn't have any more inside scoop on Sundin's decision than any other guesser out there, as Mats is hanging with his family and out-of-sight.

You know, as much as a Sundin-signing would give Vancouver a big chance to go deep in the playoffs, I really don't believe that the Canucks are screwed without Gillis signing another top 6 forward. Personally, I LIKE what Gillis has done so far, and even if the season started with the current lineup I think it would suprise a lot of people. Don't underestimate Wellwood and Bernier, folks. These are 2 players with plenty to prove and have serious upside. I'm not saying that another Sundin-type wouldn't be icing on the cake though. Who wouldn't.
On top of this whole shenanigans, Gillis is going to acquire one more top 6 no matter what. That is his goal and I believe he will get it done, even if it is a Mattias Ohlund who has to be a part of the package going the other way.
Yes, we lost Morrison and Naslund, but I believe this Canucks team is already stronger than it was last season. I'd take a Bernier, Wellwood and/or Demitra over Naslund, Morrison and Cooke any day. There is already plenty of offence right there to take some heat off of the Sedins. And then you have a guy like Kesler who is only going to get better in a contract year.
I'm optimistic. Are you? I am not liking people like MacLean saying that Sundin will put the Canucks in the playoffs otherwise they are screwed. We shouldn't let the Sundin hunt tarnish the image of the team that we already have.

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