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Sacred or Sacrilege?

One of the more creative uses for the Stanley Cup, I suppose.

Tomas Holmstrom had his day with the Stanley Cup on Friday, and he let his cousin use it as a baptismal font for a christening.

Holmstrom suggested the idea to his cousin, Robert Sundstrom, who baptized his seven-week-old daughter Alva Felicia during a private ceremony outside Holmstrom's hometown of Pitea in northern Sweden.

"Tomas came up with the idea when we were sitting in his summer cabin kitchen a week ago," Sundstrom said. "Me and my wife thought it would be fun to christen our daughter in such a priceless object."

I'm shocked and offended by this action. As a spiritually-minded and tradition-keeping man, I feel as though this mocking of a religious sacrament should not go unpunished. Imagine what the heroes of our faith, and the icons of our history would say if they were to see such an event. Divine punishment may occur if this situation is not rectified.

The Stanley Cup deserves better. Lord Fredrick's gift should not be mocked.
Holmstrom must repent!