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Panthers sign Bouwmeester to a 1-year deal **UPDATE:**

A 1-year deal worth $4.875 million per season, avoiding arbitration with their best defenceman. 1 year. That paints an obvious picture or 2 doesn't it? Bouwmeester could have made more money if he had gone to arbitration and would have received a 1-year deal out of that as well.
The 1-year shows a lack of commitment by the defenceman to a team that is potentially not going to be any better this coming season. At least the Panthers added several new faces to change the dynamics of the team a bit. Guys like Radek Dvorak, Brett McLean, Cory Stillman, Keith Ballard and Nick Boynton (Jokinen trade), and Noah Welch are not terrible acquisitions, but don't scream PLAYOFFS. The team is going to have to come together and build chemistry....and reduce goals against (God their team D has sucked in recent years.)
The Bouwmeester signing is a win-win for Jacques Martin. He got Jay at a lower price plus he can flog the guy by the trade deadline if the team goes into the toilet and Boumeester won't re-sign long term. There is at least a 1st and possibly 3rd round pick in return for the Meester.


From the Palm Beach Post yesterday, July 28th:
According to league sources, Bouwmeester, 24, has grown weary of the continual upheaval in the organization and has told Martin he plans to leave after next season.
There you have it. Bouwmeester will probably be moved before the trade deadline in 2009.

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