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Ohlund could "sell Canucks" to Sundin

It doesn't hurt to have a few Swedes on your team that are summering in Mats Sundin country. Mattias Ohlund jokingly said this yesterday:
"If Mats calls, trust me I will put in a good word for the team," Ohlund chuckled Monday. "I haven't spoken to him or the Canucks or anybody regarding him. Maybe I should call him. I don't know if it would help or not. I guess it couldn't hurt."
No, it wouldn't hurt, Mattias. Now go get him drunk and force him to make promises!

More on this from Elliot Pap at the Vancouver Sun and more Sundin news from Spector.
It appears the people are saying the Canadiens have the best chance at signing Sundin because they are more of a contender. I say "piss off". If Sundin plays here, we have an excellent chance. At least we have a better defence core and a world class goalie. I wouldn't sell the farm on Carey Price yet. He could fold like a cheap suit still as he is young.

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