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Naslund acquired by Rangers

Vancouver will have a new captain next season, as Markus Naslund has signed a 3-year deal worth $18 million with the New York Rangers. Or is it a 2-year deal worth $8 million? Dear god. Reports state that Jaromir Jagr will not be back with NYR and so the Naslund deal was done.
"I think for anyone who dreams of playing in the NHL, playing for one of the Original Six teams with the history and tradition, it's special," Naslund said on a conference call.

"It was very appealing to me and my family to live in New York and be part of what's going on there. The overall picture was very appealing to me."
Yeah yeah. Fuck off already.

Does anyone else get the notion that Gillis could make a wild stab at Jagr now?
Everyone knows my negative opinions of Naslund, so I won't rehash that trash talk. All I can say is goodbye and good riddance. Like a friend of mine just mentioned though, Naslund could gel pretty damned well with Gomez and Drury. At least he's far away on the east coast. He can go floating over there.
Thanks Gill for the tip.
Apparently the Rangers have also signed former Sabre Dimitri Kalinin to a 1-year deal. Finally, the Rangers are adding good offensive defencemen to their roster. Redden was added yesterday.

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