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Mike Gillis speaks: A summer of patience

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One thing you have to appreciate about Mike Gillis is that he speaks his mind. In an interview with the media yesterday Gillis made several things quite clear:
- the Canucks are going to keep on pursuing Mats Sundin until Mats makes a final decision, and that's he's optimistic that he will sign here.
- there is still a chance that Brendan Morrison could sign with the Canucks.
- he believes that Kyle Wellwood can be a point-per-game player.

Where Gillis does not answer the question properly though is when he was asked if he is being treated differently because he used to be a player agent.

The interview is a must-read and can be found at

Reading that interview may console Canucks fans a bit, but the lingering issue of unrest is Mats Sundin. Can anyone really trust that he will sign here? Not a chance. But perhaps Gillis is having some serious dialogue with him in the shadows. Who knows for sure.

One thing I do know, is that we may as well forget worrying about it and go outside and enjoy the summer. We are not going to get any major deals done until Sundin plays his cards.

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