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Meet your Canucks Blogger: Isabella

Suffering is a Vancouver blogger's bread and butter and Isabella over at Stink in Rink is keenly aware of that. She's had a ice-level view of the Canucks ups and downs since she was six years old and now, in her spare downtime when being a full time UBC student isn't killing her, she takes in on the chin for you by scouring the depths of the CDC instead of you having to read it and has a knack of finding videos that should be watched over and over again. It's quite possible I caught her between pints to ask about her take on the Canucks off-season:

Q1. Vigneault - thumbs up, thumbs down or a strong kick in the ass?
Isabella: Strong kick in the ass--he has a face I can't trust and his ties never match his outfit.

Q2. Naslund - We'll miss him badly or he can break a leg on Broadway?
Isabella: We'll miss him badly. He was a good guy who gave a lot to the franchise, and I wish him all the best.

Q3. Gillis - Better then Nonis or worse then a meth addict?
Isabella: Worse than a meth addict, but we'll see what he does with the "team" he's "put together". If I get more flashbacks to the Keenan days I'm going to hurt someone.

Q4. The new captain - Mitchell, Kesler, Ohlund, Fin or a stick with a mini jersey?
Isabella: Kay Whitmore. It's the only way.

Q5. Your preferred first line on opening night
Isabella: Sedin-Sedin-Bernier (I have nothing witty for this, I just want to see how this works out.)

Q6. The '08-'09 record - Out of the NW basement or "With the first round pick, the Vancouver Canucks select from the Oshawa Generals John Tavares"
Isabella: I'm already buying Tavares some smoked salmon for his welcome kit.

Q7. Least favorite team to watch play against Vancouver and why
Isabella: Minnesota Wild because it's always boring like woah.

Q8. The absolute best part of next season could be
Isabella: Finishing 1st in the division and honouring Luc Bourdon.

Q9. The absolute worst part about next season could be
Isabella: A repeat of last year and the 05-06 season.

Q10. Best TV or movie quote you can think of to describe this offseason so far?
Isabella: "By the power of Greyskull..."

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