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Lightning will offer Stamkos incentive-laden deal. Announcement coming soon. **UPDATE: Done**

According to Sportsnet via the St. Petersburg Times:
The St. Petersburg Times reported Tuesday that Stamkos, the No. 1 pick in June's National Hockey League Entry Draft, will sign a standard rookie deal worth $875,000 for three years with performance bonuses that could elevate his earnings to $11.175 million over the course of the deal.
We'll see about the exact numbers when the announcement is made sometime today out of beautiful Victoria BC where Stamkos is attending a development camp.
Rumors have it that it's a 3-year deal at $875,00 base rate perseason plus up to $8.55 million in bonuses over the 3 years span. That seems like a lot of bonuses, considering Crosby signed initially with the Pens for a 3-year deal that paid $850,000 with $4 million in bonus incentives in 2005. But, there's more money floating around these days.


The deal is officially a 3-year entry level contract where Stamkos will earn $875,000 per season. The most he can make in performance bonuses is $2 million per year.

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