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JP Barry's comments on Team 1040

As expected, Barry didn't let many cats out of the bag during his interview with Pratt and Taylor this afternoon. But he did kind of narrow it down as to who Sundin may choose.
I don't have the interview word-for-word, but I took notes. The following is as accurate as I could make it.

-Barry mentioned that it was unfortunate that the Sundin story wouldn't stop. Sundin had been spending time with his family. When he got home, the story from DN was out that he had already signed with the Canucks. So he went on record to the other Swedish paper to set it straight.
-The fact that Sundin needs more time to think remains.
-Barry said that Sundin wants to be an impact player on a team and be at a top level on the team chooses and as well in the NHL.
-Barry stated that there were other teams besides Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal that were telling the agent that they would drop players and make cap space in order to attain Sundin's services. He didn't mention any names.
-Barry mentioned that Sundin is focussing on the offers from Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. He likes Canada, eh?
-Joe Nieuwendyk is trying to coax Sundin into playing with Toronto again. Joe and Mats are still great friends. Only problem there, is that the Leafs are rebuilding. Sundin would return to the Leafs out of loyalty.
-Playing with the Sedins and the possibilty of representing Sweden in 2010 in Vancouver intrigues Sundin.
-Sundin wants to be on a team that he himself can help win. Detroit it seemed was ruled out by the Sundin camp because they already had what it takes to win. That seems to be what Barry implied.
-Sundin is going to decide whether to side with loyalty and play with the Leafs, or winning and pick another team.
-Barry said that a reasonable timeline for Mats' decision will be at around August 1st.
-Of course, Barry did say that money matters, but it matters to any athlete. Duh.

Pratt and Taylor then interviwed Tony Gallagher, whom I tuned out immediately because the first thing he said is that the Leafs are going to make the playoffs next season because of Ron Wilson's run and gun coaching style. Piss off! What a tool.

So there you have it. It looks like it's mostly down to Montreal and Vancouver. It seemed that Barry ruled out the Rangers.

Vancouver seems the best fit now because

1. We don't currently have a captain and Mats could fill that role. We know from what Barry said that he likes to be the "difference-maker".

2. The Canucks are good enough to get into the playoffs already, and screw all of you who think otherwise. We barely missed last season because of injuries that took a toll.

3. Montreal already has a captain in Saku Koivu. You wanna talk about a Messier situation. How about Sundin strolls into Montreal and takes the "c" away from Saku? Don't think so. Like I've said over and over, I can't see Mats going to a rival team of the Leafs either. That would be crazy.

4. Show me the fucking money. Gillis has done that.

Mike Milbury blasted the Canucks' offer sheet just before Barry went on the air, but who cares what Mad Mike thinks? He's fucking MAD!

If I could put time in a bottle....
I'd fast forward to August 1st.

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