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Jason Krog contract 'suspended'

So Krog is not a Canuck yet, technically. The IIHF has suspended the contracts of Krog, Alex Radulov, newly drafted Nikita Filatov and Viktor Tikhonov, Tomas Mojzis and Fedor Fedorov pending reviews of their deals with their respective clubs. All 6 players are transfering between the Russian Continental Hockey League and the NHL, within which there is no tranfer deal done yet.
Radulov really got the ball rolling on this one when he reportedly signed a deal with a team in the Russian League but he was still under contract with the Nashville Predators.
Apparently Jason Krog was signed by the Vancouver Canucks after he reportedly agreed to a deal to play in the KHL Russian League. I was unaware of that.
So the battle begins.

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