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Is Mats Sundin in Vancouver?

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Jeeziz. That is the talk of the day for most Canucks fans who are surfing like mad to find any Sundin news today.
Howard Berger from Eklund's site started this apparently on Fan 590 radio over the past couple of days. I am not quite believing this rumor. If the Vancouver media knew about Demitra hanging in BC a while ago, you'd have to think they or someone would have seen Sundin by now. It's not that big of a city. There's only so many places you can hide, Mats! OK, I'm kidding.
I'm also not getting wound up or excited about this rumor either. Until Sundin makes his decision, this kind of nonsensical babble will go on and on.
However, if Berger is correct, I'll eat crow.
Alanah from Canucks and Beyond put her 2 cents in on the matter earlier as well.

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