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I have an idea! Let's sign EX CANUCKS!

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Hodge had mentioned yesterday that there were a lot of former Canucks that are currently free agents. I never even noticed it. Maybe Gillis should bring in a reunion tour, huh? Check it out:

-Jason "My greed screwed my NHL career" King (RFA)
-Steve McCarthy (UFA)
-Bret Hedican (UFA)
-Trevor Letowski (UFA)
-Michael Peca (UFA)
-RJ Umberger (RFA)
-Geoff Sanderson (UFA)
-Keith Carney (UFA)
-Bryan Smolinski (UFA)
-Martin Gelinas (UFA)
-Jan (I don't fucking think so) Hlavac (UFA)
-Marek (the biggest non-physical player in history) Malik (UFA)
-Jason Strudwick (UFA)
-Jim (Globetrotter) Dowd (UFA)
-Rory (Don't vote for me) Fitzpatrick (UFA)
-Martin Grenier (UFA)
-Bryan Helmer (UFA)
-Mike York (UFA)
-Kris Beech (UFA)
-Martin Rucinsky (UFA)
-Matt Cooke (UFA)

Unreal. 21 players total. 7 defencemen and 14 forwards. There's a team right there. Skip the goalie and leave the net open. That team wouldn't win anyway.
On second thought...I think I'll stick with my Diet Pepsi.

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