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Friggin Dowbiggin

The Calgary Herald's Bruce Dowbiggin had this to say about the Sundin drama today:
While Vancouver and Montreal are the favourities in the SwedeStakes, don't be surprised if another team pops up should Mad Mats finally announce his plan to play next season. While the Flyers are over the salary-cap limit, they might just move Jeff Carter to create space for Sundin.
The biggest sticking point for Sundin in Vancouver is 47 -- the number of nights he'd spend in a hotel bed as a Canuck as compared to, say, an Atlantic Division squad that gets home almost every night. Gee, Mats, don't like those pretty little soaps?
I accept this scenario as a possibility. Sundin's agent JP Barry had mentioned that other teams would make room for Sundin if the "indecisive one" chose them.
Then again, check out the site NHL Salaries. Look at how much the Flyers are already spending. I think they'd have to move a lot more than Carter to absorb Sundin's potential salary.
So yeah, can it, Dowbiggin. The soaps do smell pretty.

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