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Do not stand this close to Mark Messier. Ever.

Bill Murray9:49 AM Update - TSN chimes in finally saying it isn't true.

7:16 AM Update - Mats Sundin to Vancouver still lost in translation:
To recap, the original story is here. That caused some debate on Canuck blogs and hockey trade forums.

Then this one came out this morning (I think) saying it's not true.

I don't see any North American-based outlet touching this just yet. I don't know what's been more fun either: watching the CDC fall over themselves or the ongoing translation issues to understand the story.


Mark and Mats

The Hockey Rodent write a piece over on Fox Sports about issues regarding "leadership. It's a good piece, I recommend it. I don't, however, recommend staring at this picture in his story for too long. Your mind may start noting similarities between the two and, about five seconds in, blood will shoot out of your ears.

Speaking of Mark, er, Mats...Alanah has a report from Sweden that Sundin is in fact Vancouver-bound. Have fun with it.

I have some blood to clean up.