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Cover Mats Sundin news, you get mega hits

Hey, I admit I got caught up in the Sundin-to-Vancouver hype and still am. It's amazing how repeatedly covering the story puts you on top of Google's search list though.
The same thing happened last summer when I was covering "what the hell the new Canucks jersey was going to look like."As this is a non-profit site, I guess something has to amuse me like this on occasion, right? Waiting for new Canucks jerseys is a lot easier than waiting for Mats Sundin though, I must say.
Waiting For Stanley is just barely over 2 years old and has had about 200,000 hits. Those numbers aren't staggering, but I am thrilled that I amuse some of you.
You aren't going to get university-level intelligence here. You are getting a blunt, controversial and hopefully informative site.
Thanks to all those who keep coming by and welcome to all those that are newer visitors.