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Canucks' 3rd jersey for 2008-09 **UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 10**

According to Howard Berger:
The Canucks are going back to their inception in 1970-71 by bringing back the predominantly blue road jersey the club wore. At the bottom of the jersey – and on each arm – is a broad green stripe flanked by a pair of white stripes. The club’s original "hockey-stick-in-a-rink" logo is outlined in green and white on the front.

CDC has a post up about this and an image. Check out the forum. The image of the 3rd jersey is below.

I wonder why there is no love for the "skate" jersey? That is my all-time favorite. But I really don't mind the stick in rink either.

Howard Berger's description is still the only one that stands at this point.
But we do know now that the Canucks will be wearing their 3rd jersey on November 15th.

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