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Brendan Morrison about to sign with the Ducks

Today the Ducks shed themselves of one member of the former West Coast Express line and now they are poised to add another. It looks as though a deal should be announced within the next few hours. TSN is reporting that it could be a 1 or 2 year deal. Any guessers on how much Morrison gets per season? I'll go with $2.5 million. That may be a bit high...
Now we have closure on the issue as to whether or not he would re-sign in Vancouver. That has been the talk all along.
Last week, Morrison had turned down a 1-year $1.9 million deal from the Canucks.

It has been confirmed to be a 1-year deal. No dollar amounts yet. A more in-depth story on this can be found at the Province.

**UPDATE 2**

The OC Register is stating that the Morrison deal will be announced tomorrow.

**UPDATE 3**

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that it is a 1 year deal apparently paying Morrison $2.75 million. Geez, Gillis wasn't even in the ballpark on this one.

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