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5,000 people can be wrong

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I suspect you aren't hanging around too much these days, but as I went there looking for stats on Steve Bernier (I know, I live a fruitful life) I can across their current homepage opinion pool: "Who will win the Northwest Division this year?"

As of 11:27 AM ET this morning the results of 5,221 sorry ass people who took the poll (add one for my sorry ass too) decided that the rankings will be as follows:

1. Calgary
2. Colorado
3. Vancouver
4. Edmonton
5. Minnesota

Wow, this is powerful stupid.

Calgary has done more this summer to clinch the league lead in penalty minutes but nothing so rock solid as to suggest the top slot in the division is theirs by a wide margin. But Calgary in first can't hold a candle to a depleted, mediocre Avalanche team that is apparently going to take second. No disrespect to Hejduk, Smyth, Svatos and Wolski but you have a suspect defense in front of what could be the worst goalie tandem in the division. Vancouver in third? Cute. And how Edmonton - after how they finished last season and their moves this offseason - slide to fourth is as much a mystery as how the current NW champion Wild slide to dead last (note: as Vancouver showed last year, the first to last slide isn't impossible).

Maybe there are not that many people following this sport in the offseason as some think.