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2008-09 NHL schedule just released

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I'm glad about the changes made to the upcoming schedule, yet it will require more travel time.
-Each team will play every team in it's division 6 times (instead of 8 times).
-Each team will play teams from other divisions within their conference 4 times each.
-Each team will play non-Conference teams 18 times.

The complete schedule can be found at

The Canucks' schedule can be found here.

Canucks games of note:

-Game 1, October 9: Bertuzzi and the Flames come to GM Place to do battle.
-October 13: The Canucks take a long road trip and play Ovechkin and the Capitals.
-November 15: The Leafs stroll into GM Place to have their asses handed to them.
-November 22: Canucks play Crosbaby and the Pens on the road.
-December 14: Luongo plays against his old team as the Panthers come to town.
-February 15: The Canucks and Habs lock horns at GM Place to a split crowd.
-February 21: The Canucks travel to the ACC to beat the snot out of the hapless Leafs. Imagine that, the Canucks play the Leafs twice in one year. Both games are on Saturday nights as well.

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