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Trevor Linden officially announces retirement / video / links

Here is Linden's official retirement speech from the press conference today.

-Linden's one-on-one interview with Canucks TV.

I have been a Linden fan for a lot less time than most of you have, but I still can't help but feel a little emotional after that clip. What a class act. A sincere person and a dedicated hard-working individual who gave Canuck fans his all.
Linden sounds confident that now is the time. He also mentioned that he was unsure at the beginning of this past season as to what he was going to do.

Here are some links to this treacherous sad day, remembering Captain Canuck.

- Linden tribute page.

- Forum says goodbye to Linden.

- Sportsnet's John Garrett and the Weasel talk to Linden after his press conference.

- TSN footage.

- JJ Guerrero from Canucks Hockey Blog talks about how Linden treated the fans.

- The guys at Orland Kurtenblog has some images and videos of Linden in a tribute. The guys also recommend a donation to Canucks Place in honor of Trevor.

- Alannah at Canucks and Beyond is feeling the affects of the announcement today as is every other Canucks fan.

My opinion after seeing the press conference? I am deeply 'moved' by it. I hate seeing class acts like Linden leave the game and hope that there are many other players that step up and show this kind of class.
Like I said before, I have been a Linden fan a lot less longer than most Canucks fans. That was because I was so hung up on the Leafs. Canuck fans would badger me about that constantly, so I hated Linden on principal, or to be an antagonist. I always knew he was a classy dude though.
While Linden never put up the numbers of a Stevie Y or won any Cups here, he always was revered as a god of sorts by the fans. It's understandable. We see his effort on the ice, how many times he was clutch, his dedication to charity work in Vancouver, his honest personality. He is somebody that we can look up to.


- Linden's last game of his career. The post-game respect and salute.

- Linden tribute video #1

- Linden tribute video #2

- The Trevor Linden Story Part 1

- The Trevor Linden Story Part 2

- The Trevor Linden Story Part 3

- Trevor Linden discusses his rookie year on CBC After Hours.

Favorite Linden moments

- Game 7 of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals. The Canucks had stormed back to force a Game 7 against the Rangers. Despite dropping a 2-0 lead, Linden single-handedly stormed into the Rangers zone with a defenceman draped all over him and put the puck over Mike Richter. 2-1. The Ranger fans panicked.
Messier made it 3-1 on the power play, and the Ranger faithful at MSG were celebrating again. But a beautiful passing play by the Canucks on a PP of their own ended with Linden bagging his second goal of the game. 3-2. The Rangers fans were nervous again. In the the end the Nucks fell short. But a black-eyed Canucks captain and his squad almost stole the Cup from them in their own building.

- I was at the last game the Canucks won this past season: a drubbing of the Flames. Linden had 2 goals and was the 1st star of the game. Canucks TV guy tries to interview Linden post game, but our chants of "Trevor! Trevor!" drowned out the interview. You could see Linden laughing about it. I was happy to be a big part of that moment a few games before his career ended. The Place was electric.

Best of luck in your future plans Linden. You won't need luck though. Good things happen to people who work hard. Hope to see you involved with the organization one day.

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