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This just in…

With news today that Bertuzzi is no longer loved in Disneyland (damn you Mickey), I was having a bit of fun over in Kukla's land about how many notable ex-Canucks, once vital to the organization, are as of July 1st literally free to the first GM who doesn't like the notion of having job security.

As of July 1st, the following are up for grabs:
- Markus Naslund
- Brendan Morrison
- Todd Bertuzzi
- Matt Cooke
- Martin Gelinas
- Jarkko Ruutu
- Donald Brashear
- Marek Malik
- Bret Hedican
- Rory Fitzpatrick
- Dan Cloutier
- Alex Auld

And, what the hell let's give credit to the less "notable" Canucks who will soon be free: Mike Peca, Geoff Sanderson, Martin Rucinsky, Jan Hlavac, Nolan Baumgartner, Steve McCarthy, Jassen Cullimore, Wade Brookbank and Jason Strudwick.

But damn! The entire West Coast Express is up for grabs technically four years removed from their last sighting, two quality agitators, one heavyweight, three serviceable to OK defenseman and both our #1 goalies as recent as two seasons ago?

So, I have to ask: if Gillis is talking to Naslund about hanging around, it wouldn't have anything to do with any of this now would it? No...can't be! That's just crazy talk right??