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Swing and he fouls it back

Does this sound like a guy eager to embrace the Gillis empire?

Money is not most important to me, I prioritize the social part, what type of hockey the team plays and which type of players they have. To play for another club in the same division would feel weird. But we will have to wait and see what happens.

We can rule out the Wild since Lemaire wouldn't use him any more effectively then Vigneault did. Calgary and Edmonton would bring the same microscope effect that hobbled his captaincy in Vancouver. Forsberg alone would be enough to get him in Colorado and, combining him with Smyth, would officially make the Avalanche the most viscerally hated team in their own division (which is saying something).

Again, I really don't want to see him leave, but if he has to, a cheap one year with Detroit would be great if he values the Swedish component (hell Bertuzzi was already there so the hate will feel familiar) and if the Wings need him. The Rangers (*spits*) could use a guy like him especially if Jagr bolts. A younger Naslund would have been a good fit on Atlanta or Tampa but not at this point. How about a return to Pittsburgh? Just kidding, I know they'll be broke in a month.

You see where my mind is going: if you gotta, go East Nazzy. If I have to see you more then twice a year in another uniform my man crush will dissipate quickly.

As for Ryan Walter, the former NHL Bud Light Man of the Year, joining a rapidly inexperienced management core? Let's call that a ball for now. Low and to the outside.

Gillis is staring at a count of 1-2 with a day left before the draft. Don't let 'em see ya sweat Mike.