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Swing and a miss!

Nothing like starting draft week off on the ominous wrong foot:

"We talked to his agent but our understanding was that Blake Wheeler does not want to play in the Western Conference," Gillis said. "He is looking at only Eastern teams."

Of course we'll never know how hard Gillis gunned for the former first rounder (who's love for the East Coast trumps that of playing for the Great One) but we'll just lump Wheeler in with Fabian Brunnstrom for the "you could have been part of the three ring Vancouver circus but are young and ignorant." The fools!

And, as long as we're at it, these Pavol Demitra to Vancouver rumors just don't pass the smell test. First, why would Naslund, who apparently sold his HUGE CAPITALIST PIG DOG MANSION thereby spurring rumors he is about to leave, bother showing a non-Swede around town and pimping out the franchise who is about to leave? Secondly, this "perfect fit for the Sedin line" doesn't feel right; if Naslund wasn't a great fit for them, why would Demitra? The only "successful" third Sedin in recent memory was Pyatt a year ago and that was due in part to him standing in front of the net for garbage goals. Not that Demitra would be a bad pick; his 64 points last year alone would have put him third in points on Vancouver. He may very well end up in the Orca, I just don't buy the details.

Lastly, Jokinen as a Canuck? Riiiight. It must be the "throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks" offseason.