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Stan Smyl and Dave Gagner promoted to new Canuck management roles

I'm not going to get into this too much except to say that Stan Smyl has been named Director of Collegiate Scouting in the USA and Canada and Dave Gagner has been named Director of Player Development.
"The expansion of Stan’s role and the addition of Dave to our staff are a significant step in our continued efforts to enhance the way we develop and evaluate young players," said Mike Gillis. "In today’s NHL, evaluating players and supporting their growth as young professionals is imperative to a club’s success. We are committed to this important initiative and are confident that both Stan and Dave’s new roles with the club will assist us a great deal."
So basically Smyl is promoted from Director of Player Development and Dave Gagner, who was the coach of the London Knights, takes over the Steamer's former job.
It sounds like Gillis has the future of the club under his thumb. I like how he is scouting North American talent a lot closer. Now we'll see how they perform at Draft Day tomorrow and more importantly on July 1 when free agency season begins.

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