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Ron Wilson officially hired as Leafs coach: Says defence needs work

"This team needs a little more structure defensively," Wilson said. "It needs to do a better job killing penalties. I think I can help make a difference here."
At least somebody knows what they are talking about east of Regina. How many years have the Leafs and fans alike butchered goalies when the majority of the time it was the team defence that sucked. Love to toot my own horn...."but I told you so." Shitty Toronto team defence has been going on too long. If Wilson can get this bunch playing better team defence, I would say that the team could be successful immediately, regardless if they are rebuilding or not. But can he convince this bunch to do it? Does he have a gun to motivate them?
Also from Wilson today:
"I needed a little bit of time to wrap my head around this and make sure I was ready to handle this kind of responsibility," Wilson said on Monday. "It's been pretty unanimous from all of my colleagues, that they think I can handle this responsibility. I just needed a little bit of time to let the whole decision-making process percolate and I feel very comfortable right now."

Video of the Ron Wilson press conference.

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