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No way. A Texan is suing Wings for octopus -throwing

From Greg Wyshynski at Yahoo Sports:
Patrick Greene, 60, an Air Force veteran, says he's not a member of any animal-protection groups. His brief says he has a right to file the suit because "every human being has the universal responsibility of protecting all domestic and wild animals of the world. The octopus ... deserves to be allowed to live its life in peace." Greene cited no violations of federal law in his filing; but said the practice violates the Michigan Bodies of Dead Animals Act, a law passed in 1982.
Sure, you can get technical about it. You don't see Canucks fans throwing beavers on the ice, or Thrashers fans throwing dead birds, so what's the difference? I'll tell you what it is: Octopi are ugly, that's what. Slimy, stinky sea animals. The jackass Texan may just have a point in his little schematics.
Where do you draw the line? An animal is an animal. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not an activist of any sort (neither is Greene apparently). But you know how the world works nowadays. The activists may just have hey-day over this one. This agenda may not go away any time soon, and Detroit fans may be forced to throw fake octopi on the ice.
Horseshit? Yeah, I guess. I don't care about the carcass of an octopus. It's just that I don't think that "tradition" can stop this one.

Greene mentioned:
I read all the comments about me, and I am greatly surprised at the large amount of idiots out there.
The lawsuit was filed on Friday June 13th, and it asks the judge to issue an order to Christopher Ilitch of Ilitch Holdings, to announce to the public that no real octopus bodies will be allowed in the Arena in the future.
There is no money involved.
This is a sick, ugly, tradition that I am going to get stopped, if I have to take it to the legislature in Lansing.
Oh, you green little do-gooder. Way to be a fucking hero. Probably just pissed that the Wings kicked Dallas' ass in the semi-finals.

Check out Greg's column. It's pretty classic.

More from Greene at the World of Issac.

The guy does seem a tad fubar.
What's your thoughts? Should a fan be able to do whatever he wants with purchased food? Is this tradition cruel? Is there a line to be drawn?

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