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News and notes

...around the rarely boring Canucks world....

>> Luc Bourdon Laid To Rest
A note was read by Markus Naslund representing the team, but the Canucks were well represented in person anyway by Alain Vigneault, Mike Gillis, Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows, Taylor Pyatt, Jeff Cowan, Kevin Bieksa, Curtis Sanford and Steve Tambellini.

>> Jarkko Ruutu, Round Two
A fun quick read on how the team (a) lowballed Ruutu after the 2005-06 season and then (b) attempted to reacquire at this year's deadline after realizing "hey, he's not bad". Also worth noting is there is yet another ex-Canuck who hated Crawford. Also, while it wasn't confirmed in the article, if Nonis was dangling Cooke to get Ruutu back, then I have to go rage vomit to cleanse my system.

>> Fun In The Forums
I don't venture into the forums that often, but a stroll through this morning had some gems including a review of the Maki/Messier abomination, asking whether it's the lack of true heavyweight that is holding Vancouver's fortunes back (short answer: are you batshit insane?), and a review of the best and worst draft years just in case you put Evgeny Gladskikh out of your mind.