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Glenn Healy quitting TSN to work for NHLPA

Healy will be the director of NHLPA affairs, a glaring promotion from being an analyst on the TSN panel. From the Globe and Mail:
"When you look at the job and the scope, it's an opportunity I couldn't pass up," Healy said.
"Basically everything dealing with a player will come through me."
Yeah, can you imagine dealing with this guy? Let's face it, Glenn Healy was an ignorant jackass on the TSN panel. The guy never throught he was wrong and was a dickhead when someone stood up to him. Small-man syndrome. Hey, a great goalie in his time, but a pompous prick as a person. Am I going overboard?
OK then I'll end it there. Good riddance. The cranky-looking idiot never looked like he wanted to be on the panel anyway. Frankly, I didn't want to see his mug on TV any more either. Adiose, Glenn. Na-na-na-na hey-hey-hey goodbye! C'mon Chris Cuthbert, sing along with me!

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