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Gillis and Naslund still talking and waiting

From the Vancouver Province:
Gillis talked this week with unrestricted free agent Markus Naslund and his new agent Donald Baizley, but wouldn't say whether he's trying to extend the winger's contract before July 1.
"That's between he and I," said Gillis. "We're going to talk again [today] and see how that conversation goes."
Naslund earned $6 million last season and said he wants to see what changes Gillis makes with the roster -- and what pay cut he'd absorb -- before deciding.
Why does this anger me? It's because I don't like Naslund. I think the Canucks need to separate themselves from this guy and just move on. I know some people ask: "Well what if he signs for $3 million to stay?" To that I say 'bogus'. For one, I don't think he'll take that kind of cut. Secondly, I DON'T WANT HIM FRICKING PLAYING HERE!
Simple as that. Let him go, give the captaincy to a deserving Willie Mitchell, and let's drop the damned puck already!
Sure, the guy may perform better with 2 brand new linemates that Gillis may acquire (including Wellwood), but I just have no emotional attachment to the Swede. Give me a Brian Rolston and/or Michael Ryder and I would be happier.
Actually, the fact that he's 'waiting' to see who Gillis acquires is pathetic. You know, real stars make players around them better. What's this guy's excuse? He's a baby. Let him go to free agency.

OK, I have to go back to unpacking. Just bought my first house!
I'm not even going to acknowledge Bertuzzi being put on waivers right now. I'm not suprised though. He's done like dinner.

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